The Importance Of Having A Fort Collins Tax Levy Lawyer On Your Side

The IRS needs a neutral person to mediate between the parties in a tax controversy, such as an audit or an appeal. This is why you need a Fort Collins Tax Levy Attorney to represent you in your appeal. Fort Collins is within the state of Colorado, and there are many local IRS agents and lawyers that can help you with the process of appealing a tax debt. You should always have at least two good Fort Collins Tax Levy Attorney’s to discuss your case with, so that you have a full understanding of your rights and options.


Many taxpayers choose to settle their disputes with the IRS through the IRS’ online portal, known as IRS-claimed bankruptcy. This option was designed to help taxpayers who were overwhelmed by the overwhelming amount of paperwork involved in filing a federal tax return. The problem is that most people do not know that the process actually requires a trial, and the results can be very bad for the taxpayer. The IRS has a process in place called the “ebase process,” which basically means that a taxpayer can file for bankruptcy without going to trial, but only after the courts have ordered a trial. The minimum time allowed for a taxpayer to go to trial is a 90-day default judgment.


One of the best things for any taxpayer to do when they feel that they are being audited is to retain the services of a Fort Collins Tax Levy Attorney. The IRS can issue a Notice of Intent to appear in court, which gives the taxpayer 30 days to answer the audit, submit any supporting documents, or otherwise appear before the assigned judge. If a taxpayer fails to appear in court, the judge will issue the tax return, and will then proceed with the audit.


It has been estimated that over one million innocent taxpayers have been hit with extra tax bills because of the “innocent spouse” error. This can be particularly difficult for people who have small children or other dependents who were not at fault. Many small case taxpayers are finding that even if they have received notice of intent to appear, the IRS will still try to levy their paychecks. It can be extremely stressful and difficult to deal with the IRS if you find yourself getting docked from your paycheck because of a civil tax bill you didn’t cause. If this happens to you, hire a Fort Collins Tax Levy Attorney to represent you in your absence.


Taxpayers may also have to face the criminal tax court system, which is much more difficult. When a taxpayer does not show up for their scheduled court date, it is typical for the district court to issue a bench warrant for their arrest. If they are caught within the district court, and tried for failure to appear, they could spend up to one year in jail. This would essentially render them inaccessible to most employers, which makes having a Fort Collins Tax Levy Attorney very important. Many small cases end up with a jury trial and a judge presiding, so it is imperative that taxpayers understand the importance of having an experienced attorney on their side.


Many tax payers choose to fight back in court against the IRS by preparing their own defense, but an experienced Fort Collins Tax Levy Attorney can guide them through the process of preparing their own argument and presenting it to the appeals officer. Unless the tax payer has a strong understanding of all of the requirements and procedures to meet before appealing to the Appeals Officer, they may discover that their appeal is denied. The appeals officer plays a critical role in determining whether an appeal should be granted or denied, so a knowledgeable Fort Collins Tax Levy Attorney can ensure that his client receives the best possible chance of winning the appeal. The Fort Collins Tax Levy Attorney will work closely with his client’s tax attorney in preparing all necessary documents and preparing for the appeals hearing.