Choosing The #1 Tax Attorney In Kentucky

If you need legal assistance with tax issues, you’ve come to the right place. Tax law is a vast subject area that encompasses a variety of tax issues – income taxes, estate taxes, employment taxes, and liens, to name a few. Kentucky is no exception, and the laws vary from state to state. That’s why it’s important to consult with a tax attorney as soon as you suspect you have a problem. For addition information, please visit

Mark McLaughlin is a nationally recognized tax attorney and thought leader in the State Taxation field. His decades of experience in private practice have earned him the reputation of being the go-to source for State and Local Taxes in this region of the country. He has successfully counseled and advocated clients in thousands of cases and federal tax matters. He is a recognized leader in the field of taxation and has presented at more than 270 tax conferences and seminars.

In order to be rated as a Super Lawyer, a tax attorney must be involved in every phase of a transaction, including negotiating with the IRS on your behalf. If the tax attorney determines that payment to the IRS will cause you hardship, they will argue on your behalf and negotiate a payment plan that you can afford. They should also be able to negotiate a reduction or elimination of penalties imposed by the IRS.

In his practice, The #1 Tax Attorney In Kentucky focuses on tax-motivated transactional issues, representing clients before the Kentucky General Assembly and negotiating state and local tax incentives. In addition to providing tailored legal solutions for his clients, he has lectured and presented at over 270 tax seminars and conferences. He has helped clients save hundreds of millions of dollars in tax debt. He has a reputation as one of the nation’s leading State and Local Taxation attorneys, and has counseled and advocated in thousands of cases and tax transactions.

If you have an IRS debt problem or are unsure of whether you owe back taxes, hiring a lawyer with experience in tax litigation is crucial. The team at Thorn Law Group understands your concerns, and works with the utmost discretion. Their managing partner, Kevin E. Thorn, has over 80 years of experience in tax law. If you need help with a tax problem, it is critical that you act quickly. The longer you delay in seeking help, the greater your debt and the harm it will cause you.

A skilled and dedicated tax lawyer will help you to understand your options and get the most favorable outcome for your case. Their experience in tax law allows them to analyze each case individually and create sound strategies. They also provide quality representation in all aspects of tax law. The #1 Tax Attorney In Kentucky